I keep having thoughts about our (Hawaii’s) false alarm on Saturday. I never really thought, at the time that it was happening, that I was going to die or that the state or island would take a hit. But, I have thought more about those possibilities since then. I had an after-the-fact thought of “am I good with myself if it happens?” Stupid question! What good is it to waste time contemplating that? Even to waste five seconds telling myself “yeah, I’m good” or “no, I’m not ready” – and distracting myself from helping to get my people and pets into the best possible space to ride out whatever comes next – is a huge waste of time.

We’re all connected – everybody. I can’t control a button pusher 12 miles of 4,800 miles away but I am connected, in some personal way, to a ton of people around me and globally. Even if “I’m good” was my answer that doesn’t work for connected people. “I’m good” isn’t human nature and isn’t a trait that leads to our survival. “No, I’m not ready” even for those who are ready, should be everyone’s answer who has someone who they are connected to.