One song per day.

One song that is worth considering or re-considering. One song with one “freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose” line. One song by one band that everyone has heard of or no one has heard of. One song by one famous musician’s side project. One song that will never have any cross over appeal. One song that everyone has heard a million times but is worth hearing a million more times.

One song. Each and every day. No more. No less.

David Cassidy was the first concert I ever went to. There I admitted it. I was eight years old and my ears are still ringing from all of the girlies screaming their heads off. A healthy diet of American Bandstand, Heart, Hawaiian music (which I admit I still have only mild appreciation for even though I am 1/4 Hawaiian), American Top 40, Kiss, Elvis (the fat and skinny one, not the Costello one), KISW (rock station in Seattle), Iron Maiden, Bruce, Prince, UFO, Dio, EWF, The Police and such got me from grade school through college. What followed was more Bruce, Elvis (the Costello one), Nirvana, KNDD (alt station in Seattle), Jimmy Cliff, that guy who used to and would again front The Police, and less Maiden, KISW, fat and skinny Elvis, and UFO. And here I am trying to hold on to my rockerish roots (an image of Eddie was on my pub trivia last week, and I’m the only one who knew his name) which can be summed up as a shift from Maiden to Muse while allowing for more things in between and around the edges.

Deer Tick? Love ‘em but would have had no time for such nonsense in the years when I was all about the nonsense. Marah? Oh yeah! Sigus Ros? Call them Post, Hopelandic, I call them one of my favorites. I still listen to Green Day and Pearl Jam over an over at the gym but I’ve also managed to find lots of time for Patty Griffin, Adele, The Dears, The Roots, The Duhks, Sirius’s The Loft, Arcade Fire, Common Market, Metric while managing to avoid being one of those music fans who lives only on the edge.

Yeah, somehow Kelly Clarkson, Bon Jovi, Duran Duran, Jack Johnson, Sugarland, Usher, T.I., Daughtry and the like accidentally got downloaded onto my Clip… and gets played with regularity. My TV also has this way of flipping itself to Idol every week. Not sure how that happens but I spend a couple of hours on my couch every week trying to figure it out while watching with great fascination. (side note: No Simon stuff will be observed in this blog… no attempts at relevancy… self indulging will occur in generous proportions… no wearing of white V necks while adding the daily post).

Musical tastes that I am still trying to acquire would be The Grateful Dead, most new country stadium acts (Chesney, Toby Keith, etc.), house, Jonas Brothers, The Shins (saw them live twice before deciding that it just wasn’t going to work and we had no future together). But, maybe some of these acts will be graced with the grand honor of having one of their songs making my daily list. Maybe, I’ll throw it out there as “hey, still don’t get it, why do you guys dig this music” and one of the 12 people who were going to to get their daily dose of SpongeBob Bustup and accidentally ended up here will be a Dead fan and they will tell me about all 47 times that they have seen the band in concert and how The Dead song that I picked was okay, but to really get to their essence, I should have picked this other song. For some reason, I have a feeling that there are some Dead fans who are really into SpongeBob Bustup.

So here I am… and this is my accepted mission… to pick one song a day and to tell my vast audience why it is worthy of being The Daily Play List’s chosen song. I pledge to make my consecutive streak of days with a song, somewhere between Joe DiMaggio’s hitting streak of 56 and Cal Ripken’s streak of games played which stands at 2,131 (5 years, 10 months for those of you keeping score). I think I just blew my cover, I’m a sports fan in a music major’s clothing (my solemn oath is to never pick Rock and Roll Part II by Gary Glitter), but that’s another blog.

And now, back to the music.