I saw The Lumineers tonight. It was so good. Considering it was outside pretty much, smack dab in the middle of Seattle’s most urban and hip neighborhood, with a few thousand of Seattle’s coolest people in attendance, it felt very intimate. My first and second impulse is just to go ahead and post “Big Parade” or “Charlie Boy” but I don’t want to come off as an obsessed stalking fan boy, which I am of course, I mean how many other people who were at Block Party tonight are going to follow The Lumineers to Colorado to see them at Red Rocks next Saturday? So to try and at casual, avert eyes, and not come off as too smitten, I think I’ll play something from a far removed place on the other side of the musical universe.

How about this?

“Run This Town” – “Jay-Z featuring Rihanna and Kanye West – “The Bluepring 3” (2009)

I took my old self to a club last night – A Haitian club at that and it was Chocolate Kisses Night. Yeah, I had a bit of an all over the map kind of a weekend – and I heard a nice remix of this Jay-Z blockbuster. I kind of like this as entry music for my favorite football team. Probably won’t happen but it’s imminently more qualified than the Metallica, Jimi, Megadeath, etc. (yawn) suggestions that other guys from my fan base come up with.