“Baby Luv” – Nilüfer Yanya – Single (2017)

Feb 4
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I would plunk down a whole bunch of hard earned money for a double bill of Mitski and Nilüfer Yanya. I’m gonna be honest, I just discovered Yanya today in one of Jehnny Beth’s masterful playlists but I’m hooked. I love her voice so much. There’s some husk and grit under the sweet tones that keep it real. It’s complex and unique

The Mitski and Yanya Globalist Girl Tour.


“Square One” – Moss Kena – “Found You In 06 – EP” (2018)

Feb 3
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I had a conversation this week with a young friend that eventually brought me to ask him: how do you define art? The kid had a pretty low bar to clear, since I would have answered with no more than a stumbling serious of “ummms” if my teenage self had been asked that question, but he flew over it and did a couple of back flips for show in the process.

“It’s what you put out there… your version of reality in words that only you would phrase that way… your perspective, your perception of the world – your world.” Art is everywhere and bedevils the creator, often vulnerable, who may need to just create it to document struggles or triumphs, as vanity, a grand act of sharing and contributing to humanity, or to make a living by adding to powder room decor.

I shouldn’t listen to musical artists to try and categorize the purpose for their art (and I usually don’t) but the proof (for me) usually lies in my judgement that the aesthetic gives a quick peak at the artist’s soul. You have to be discerning to pick out what’s real, and you may never get confirmation that you were right.


“Life During Wartime” – Talking Heads – “Fear of Music” (1979)

Feb 2
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You make me shiver, I feel so tender,
We make a pretty good team
Don’t get exhausted, I’ll do some driving,
You ought to get some sleep
Get you instructions, follow directions,
Then you should change your address
Maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day,
Whatever you think is best
Burned all my notebooks, what good are notebooks?
They won’t help me survive
My chest is aching, burns like a furnace,
The burning keeps me alive
Try to stay healthy, physical fitness,
Don’t want to catch no disease
Try to be careful, don’t take no chances,
You better watch what you say


“Live Your Life” – T.I. (feat. Rihanna) – “Paper Trail” (2008)

Jan 31
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Just a little throw back today and just because. No topical tie-ins, tell-all porn stars, or harkening sentimentality is intended here. If a julienned participle was created in this space, the lack of intent, should lead to nothing more than a charge of wordslaughter. A lot of stuff has gone down in the last ten years. You read the headlines and they scream: divisiveness. Talk to people at the water fountain, front desk, and check-out line though and I still hear the connected tissue’s ebb and flow – a little more strain but still connected.


“Under The Influence” – Snoh Aalegra – “Don ‘t Explain – EP” (2016)

Jan 30
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“Why?” It’s the best question ever. What, when, and where? Just boring logistics that Siri and Waze are more than capable of sorting out. How? How is the means and the means are rarely mystifying. But, why? You can ask a two year-old who finger painted with peanut butter on the new 65 inch 4K, post-doctoral quantum field theorists, or Persian/Swedish pop stars, “why?”, and get a crooked, baffled smile in return more often than not.


“The Story of O.J.” – Jay-Z – “4:44” (2017)

Jan 28
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I love this clip and that it provides a haltingly, free flowing, town hall Jay-Z. He’s looking for the right words, and is (for a minute and a half, at least) free of excess and real. He sounds humble. It’s not that the Jay-Z studio productions aren’t real; this is just a version of real without a beat from a different sort of studio. Donald Trump isn’t the one who should be updating us on the condition of Black America and its employment status and prospects. Jay-Z isn’t much better as de facto Dept. of Labor spokesman, which he didn’t necessarily try to be in this clip but some people will take it that way, but at least he can report on the socio aspect of black America.

The best line in this song… the phantom bar after “I’m not black, I’m O.J.”



“Ric Flair Drop” – Offset & Metro Boomin – “Without Warning” (2017)

Jan 26
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“Hum-a-la-babe-a-la-zee-ba-la-babe-ba-a-la Hum-a-la-babe-ba-a-la-zee-ba-la-bop”

It seems like an appropriate quote for this tune. Hair band scat had its moment or two.


“Stay A Little Longer” – Brothers Osborne – “Pawn Shop” (2016)

Jan 25
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A quick check of my Apple Music reveals that I’ve listened to this song almost twice as many times as my next most frequently listened to song. If you could drill down a little more, you’d probably find out that I fast forward to the John Osborne spotlighted final three minutes for quite a few of those rotations.


“Out of My Head” – Charli XCX (feat. Tove Lo and ALMA) – “Pop 2” (2017)

Jan 24
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This is kind of outside my wheelhouse. Must mean, it’s really good or I’m just trying to be a cool kid. The latter… no wait, it’s good shit. I just randomly throw stuff onto playlists that catches my ear a little bit. Sometimes I go back and ask myself “why?” This stands up to the 21 Day Test. It helps that I spent time with young’uns last weekend but no matter. Like!


“One of Us” – ABBA- “The Visitors” (1981)

Jan 23
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Ezra Koenig fans, or fans of music that Ezra Koenig likes, are more than likely familiar with this song. And ABBA fans, of course, know this one. It’s got that perfect tone depicting some subtly whacked combination of third-stage melancholy, salted, semi-sweet vengeance; and blissful, “I WILL NOT BE DENIED” hysteria. Just your everyday human quagmire that makes life so much fun except for when it’s not.