“Marionettes” – Kore Ionz – “World War Free” (2011)

Aug 29
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Bumbershoot’s less than a week away. The Kore Ionz set will be a good one to get the day going. This Pacific Northwest based reggae collective just turned out their first full length album. They’re led by Daniel Pak, a transplant from Hawaii, and you can feel that Pacific Island flavor throughout the album, especially on “Morning Son.” If you’re up and ready for a fun, long day of music, head over to the Fisher Green Stage, just to the southwest of the Space Needle for Kore Ionz on Sunday morning. And just a reminder, if you like what you hear, the best way to get money directly into their pockets is to buy a CD from the merch table.

Marionettes by Kore Ionz


Bumber Itinerary

Jul 14
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The time slots and venues have been set for Bumbershoot, so now I can start planning out my day. Sunday’s the day for me, mostly because it fits my schedule but it works out nice because the majority of the shows that I really want to see just so happen to be on Sunday.

I’m not sure how I feel about the Mainstage venue being changed from outside at Memorial Stadium to the confines of The Key but I guess I’ll have to learn to like it since the first two shows on my list are: The Lonely Forest from 1:30 to 2:3o followed by Broken Social Scene from 3:00 to 4:15, both on the Mainstage. After that double bill, it’ll be time to wander outside and look for the shortest food line for a little late afternoon snack before heading to The Fountain Lawn Stage to see Tennis.

This is where it starts getting a little tricky since I’ll be ducking out of Tennis before their set is over and having to decide between Das Racist and Jessica Lea Mayfield. I like the originality and vibe that DR brings with ’em but I really want to see Mayfield and will most likely be heading over to see her since I missed her the last time she was in Seattle. When that show is done, I should and probably will save myself a lot of running around. Since I’ll probably already be camped out in the beer garden at the Mural Amphitheater for Mayfield, I should probably just grab another cup of beer and check out Leon Russell’s funky bad ass self. But, I REALLY want to see School of Seven Bells. What to do, hang out for Russell, or walk over and check out the line for Seven Bells?

And then, at 9:15 at the Fisher Green Stage, which by the way I think is a great venue for them, The Kills. If you have ever read this blog, you know that yours truly loves The Kills so much. I dallied and got shut out when they were here in May, then saw them on the YouTube simulcast at Coachella which enhanced the jones. I want to see The Kills and on Sunday of Labor Day weekend, I’ll finally get my wish.

The one thing that I really regret having to miss on Saurday will be Ray Lamontagne & The Pariah Dogs. I’m not sure if the Pariah Dogs give Ray a slot or two to play some of his solo catalog, but if they do, the first on my wish list would be…

“All The WIld Horses” – Ray Lamontange – “Trouble” (2004)


Bumbershoot Line Up

Jun 1
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Bumbershoot announced the entire slate of acts scheduled to appear at Seattle’s Labor Day weekend festival. And, the Bumber Gods have smiled upon me. Saturday was always going to be an iffy day for me because of other fun stuff that I’ve got scheduled so I was hoping that the main acts that I want to see would be on Sunday or Monday. Sure enough, Sunday yields most of the bands that I want to see, highlighted by The Kills.

Other shows that I’m hoping to catch on Sunday include: Broken Social Scene, Leon Russell, Das Racists, The Lonely Forest, Jessica Lea Mayfield, Tennis, and School of Seven Bells.


“Don’t Gotta Work It Out” – Fitz and the Tantrums – “Pickin’ Up The Pieces” (2010)

May 22
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A productive day at Bumbershoot takes a little pre-festival strategic mapping. It’s important to factor in the size of venues, the amount of time before show time that you need to show up to get a spot in line, and when to take a couple hours off between shows to eat a couple of skewers of protein and drink a glass of lemonade. The outdoor stages are great as you can usually find a good viewing/listening spot on the fringes of the space even if you show up last minute.

Acts like Fitz & the Tantrums are perect dance card fillers. Fresh, energetic, eager to please, and accessible, I’m guessing that these guys might get the outdoor stage at Fisher Pavilion maybe early evening for an hour set. I’m loving the mix of bands and artists that have been named so far and think that this is setting up to be one of the best Seattle Labor Day festivals in several years.


“Rollin’ in My Sweet Baby’s Arms” – Leon Russell – “Hank Wilson’s Back” (1973)

May 11
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Bumbershoot’s looking pretty top notch this year if the “artist a day” May reveal is any indication. Leon Russell is one of the first hand full of artists named along with the couple of acts that I mentiioned last night as well as Mavis Staples, The Lonely Forest, Wiz Khalifa and others. Leon Russell though, how cool. I’d been contemplating a trip to The Gorge over Labor Day weekend to check out Dave Matthews and maybe even more than DMB, I wanted to see Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. I think I’ll be staying this side of the mountain though, as one of the top three bands that I want to see this year (The Kills) are already in the Bumbershoot line up. Leon Russell though. Good job, Bumber bookers.


“Stone Rollin'” – Raphael Saadiq – “Stone Rollin'” (2011)

May 9
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So can someone please get busy and put together a West Coast tour of Raphael Saadiq and Aloe Blacc for this summer? Mid to late July should work for me, or even better, Bumbershoot. Saadiq’s done Bumbershoot before, two years ago to be exact. I’d like to imagine that I was in on Saadiq’s groovin’ 70’s style soul brother jams when I posted him on this blog in my third post ever (August 23, 2009). But, the resume’s worth of solo and Tony! Toni! Toné! (which “T” was he anyways) material makes me think that all of the cool kids and their big and little brothers (and sisters) were in on Saadiq way before this blog turned three days old.

There are a few terms that get way overused when talking about cats who produce music now days that sounds like it came from the early years of the X Generation so I’m not going there with our friend Mr. Saadiq. He’s a revivalist, a guy who revels in an aesthetic that almost makes you think you can smell that subtle, synthetic wood polish fragrance that you get when all of your music is contained in stacks of wax.

I saw Billy Preston at Bumbershoot 5+ years ago which happened to be less than a year before he died. A Raphael Saadiq and Aloe Blacc show at this year’s umbrella festival would be much appreciated and in the same vein as Preston. Speaking of Bumbershoot, I dig the drip method that they are administering this year as they are announcing an artist a day until June 1st when they let it fly and reveal the entire line up. So far, The Kills and Hall and Oates have been announced, among others.