I pretty much guaranteed the fact that another Dan Mangan post would be coming soon with my comments about this album. I’m kind of obsessed with it. Mangan is playing a show in Portland a week from Friday. That show does not at all mesh with the rest of my plans for that weekend but I’m thinking about taking the 200 mile drive any ways.

Like I said in my previous Mangan post, I love the way he strings words together. There’s a lot between the lines for the listener to attach meaning to, but I like the serpentine, loosely connected paths that his lyrics explore. Also, to reiterate my previous Mangan post, he’s got a lot of Glen Hansard in him. By design or natural causes, it makes no difference. Artists like Hansard and Mangan will always have a fan base because they make make words and music that describes how a lot of people feel. In “Fair Verona” there’s a lot of interesting sonic enhancers to drive the song forward but if it was just stripped down to one man singing with not a single accompanying instrument, it would still be a perfect song.

Here are two versions: