“I Won’t Back Down” – Tom Petty – “Full Moon Fever” (1989)

Oct 10
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I have seen so many great covers of this and other Tom Petty songs over the past couple of days. The sing-along at the Gators game in Gainesville is pretty much must-watch for Petty fans and fans of people doing cool human stuff in general. I was hoping I would find a Company of Thieves cover and I lucked out.

These guys are one of my favorite little bands that not enough people know about. I saw them at the Vera Project about five years ago and they played a great version of this song and set it up by stating that it is kind of part of their core. I am so glad that after a couple years hiatus, they are back together and have released a new album. If you want to see Genevieve absolutely sing her butt off, treat yourself to this.

Last week was a hard week in a lot of ways. It was exhausting for me personally on lots of levels. Here’s hoping for a better seven day stretch.


“Nobody ‘Cept You” – 16 Horsepower – “Secret South” (2000)

Apr 11
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Aww, that nice long pull off of the first Friday evening beer, ain’t it just the best?

I’m trying to get back on the schedule that I rolled out around New Year’s. So this is Cover Day. I started off jonesin’ for a little Elvis Costello then got distracted and went down the Robert Allen Zimmerman aka Bob Dylan aisle. It’s one of those aisles that you could stuck on for quite a piece of time. There are knockoff/covers a-plenty. What to choose?

When I finally settled on this song re-done by 16 Horsepower, I almost ended off task again. The whole of “Secret South” is this kind of hard fought, rough, resentful, full throated collection that kind of just draws you in. You take the second, third, and sixth drink of that first coldie and pretty soon you’re like “who’s Robert Zimmerman again?” “Burning Bush” has got me to wondering what I’ve got in the liquor cabinet.

Happy second beer of the weekend and beyond…


“Voodoo Chile” – Stevie Ray Vaughan

Mar 7
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Here’s the cover that I table for a week. So good, so loud.

Commit people. Focus. What were your original plans for the next 12 minutes and 24 seconds of your life.


“The Scientist” – Aimee Mann – “Lost in Space” (2002)

Feb 28
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I had the perfect cover picked out for today. I listened to it yesterday in the car on the way home from Kent. Really loud, it’s also really long, really Rock and Roll Heaven, and it made me drive really fast. I’ll shelve that for a week.

Any person who’s a shut-in and staving off winter by spread sheeting my recent post might think that I’m a big Coldplay fan. Not really. I think they’re kind of overrated and I’m sure I’ve elicited as much in previous posts but I think that Coldplay fans are people who are just too lazy to dig around and find out that a band called Elbow exists. That’s not exactly the best way to welcome to the stage Chris Martin and the crew. I do really, severely love a few of their tunes, and “The Scientist” is one of them. Young hopeful Gena covered this song on American Idol this week (I need to add a few thoughts this week about Season 13… I’m moderately underwhelmed by the Top 12) and she did a pretty nice job with it. So, with that in the back of my mind this morning, I remembered this great version by Aimee Mann.

Back to me apparently being a Coldplay fan boy. I’ve posted Coldplay covers a couple times in the last few weeks. I don’t put up very many of their original versions though. Maybe I’ll turn the tables and post Coldplay when they cover an Elbow tune.


“Bohemian Rhapsody” – Jake Shimabukuro

Feb 21
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I was in deep search mode for a cover version of a certain Citizen Cope song when I ran across this. Not a huge surprise that TED ended up being source for some post-worthy music.


“I Won’t Back Down” – Switchfoot

Feb 15
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I’m surprised that this tune hasn’t gotten more usage from sports teams. You know, rally music, maybe a middle of the 8th standard kind of like the Red Sox use that one song by Neil Diamond. Chris Weidman uses it as his walk out music in the UFC. He’s about as certifiable of a bad ass as exists. Why don’t more arenas use this to jack up the crowd? It’s very sing-a-long-able to boot. I would call up my local baseball team and say “what do you think” but I gave them a golden suggestion a couple of years ago, and I got hit with the “Ignore button” so maybe I’ll go sit out at the neighborhood ball field and play it for little leaguers or something.

Company of Thieves did a great cover of this song a couple years ago at a really good show at the Vera Project.


Cover: “Skinny Love” – Jess Dunbar

Feb 1
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I picked out “Skinny Love” as my cover of the week a couple days ago. Then, it was just which version do I pick. I read somewhere that the Bon Iver original has been covered something like 500 times. I listened to a few versions and ended up liking Jess Dunbar’s the most. Maybe it’s partially because I’m a few weeks from being down under. That got me to thinking “a concert in Melbourne at a smallish club-like venue seems like a must-do.” I pulled a club listing and found out that there’s a Sebadoh show at a place called The Corner Hotel. Better call me mate in Oz and tell him to get us some tickets.


Cover: “Someday We’ll All Be Free” – Aretha Franklin

Jan 24
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It’s kind of sad, the news of Captain and Tennille getting a divorce after 39 years of marriage. You would think that by the time that you are in your seventies, whatever a couple’s problems are, that they would have figured out a way to resolve pretty much everything and stay together until the end. Not trying to mock what I’m sure is not an easy life decision, I thought about this last night, and was intent on finding a nice cover of “Love Will Keep Us Together” (which is actually a cover in itself as it was a Neil Sedaka song) for Cover Friday. I couldn’t find anything that I thought worked, and then I became completely spooked when Google results showed that Nickelback had covered it. Eeshhh!

Somehow I got all twisted around and went in the random direction of wanting to hear something of Donny Hathaway’s that had been covered. After I started listening to Donny Hathaway tunes in the middle of the day, I almost reversed course and just went back to the stand by “A Song for You” which was an original by the incomparable Leon Russell (one of, probably the top five shows that I’ve ever seen was Russell about three years ago at Bumbershoot). It’s hard to go wrong though with the Queen of Soul though so here it is “Someday We’ll All Be Free.”


Cover Friday: “Billie Jean” – The Civil Wars

Jan 17
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Two of my favorite things: The Civil Wars and Michael Jackson covers.

When I went a-huntin’ for a good MJ cover today, for whatever reason my first choice was a uniquely arranged version of “Ben.” Maybe something rocked out, sped up, and electrified. What I found, I did not care for too much including a version by Faith No More at Coachella. “Really?” That’s what I felt like the festival goers were saying to Mike Patton. It was kind of almost as weird as their version of The Commodores’ “Easy” which I saw on TV during some festival performance a few years ago. The worst thing about their take on “Ben” is the backing vocals – Patton can sing it, he just needs everyone else to shut the hell up.

Anyways, back to a good version of an MJ song.


“Hurts Like Heaven” – Shearwater – “Fellow Travelers” (2013)

Jan 10
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The first 4+ years of this blog’s existence have been purely random play: whatever I got stuck in my head on the bus that morning, saw a good review for in Rolling Stone, heard on Kevin Cole’s mid-day show, was part of a soundtrack that I like. It has been anything goes with the exception of a period of a few months where I dedicated Fridays to covers. And since, I am organizing so that each day has a theme, I think that it’s time to continue with the Friday/Covers Day.

It seems like there are a million cover albums hitting the stores these days with one of the real prominent ones being Billy Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones doing their renditions of Everly Brother classics. I’ll get to that one eventually but for starters, do yourself a favor and download “Fellow Travelers.” There are lots of good choices here with versions of originals from: Xiu Xiu, NIN, and Grizzly Bear among others. Kind of a weird call on my part but I picked the Coldplay song partially because I’m not really a Cold Play fan (I always want to tell Coldplay fans that there is a whole catalog of music out there that they probably don’t even know exists, is a teensy bit like Chris Martin’s band but so much better and is the work of an awesome band by the name of Elbow) but I really love what Shearwater has done here and it just so happens to be a cover of a super, duper, world famous band’s song. The Shearwater version sounds a lot like something that Elbow would put out.