I’m not really a bucket carrying, list making kind of guy, but if I was…

I’m going to see Willie Nelson at the Puyallup Fair on Thursday. I’ve always had a mild appreciation for the 77 year old maverick from Abbott, Texas but it was only recently that I had an epiphany that led me on a mad dash to find a couple of hard to get tickets for Thursday’s show.

So, I’m not one to construct one of these must-do bucket lists – although a bucket list is a key element in a screen play that I’m thinking through (no, it’s nothing like the movie by the same name that starred Jack Nicholson although if my movie ever materialized, I’m not guaranteeing that it would be any less of a dud) – of musicians that I’ve just got to see. I’ve already seen a bunch of the acts that are high on my list of all time faves (The Boss, Citizen Cope, PJ, Elvis Costello, Radiohead, Etta James, EWF), and I couldn’t go to a couple of notables that I had purchased tickets for (The Stones on The Steel Wheels Tour, Nirvana supporting “In Utero” in 1193). So, who else do I really need to see?

I really like Interpol and would go out of my way to see them. I should be going to Arcade Fire later this month but I’m temporarily in “budget shows only” mode. Rush is a band that I’ve never seen that I’m guessing still churns out a quality live product. Lily Allen’s on the list, joined by The Heavy, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Yeasayer, and oh yeah, Sir James Paul McCartney.

McCartney is that one sporadically touring, charging exorbitant prices, aging rock legend that I would fork over the aforementioned (ridiculously) exorbitant chunk of change to see and hear play music, live and in person.

One of the coolest things ever, and definitely the coolest thing to ever happen at a New York Yankees game involved the playing of today’s song between innings of a world series game about ten years ago. This song was revving up the crowd, everyone was getting ready for their big moment, and the Fox cameras showed McCartney sitting behind the plate. Right on cue, actually maybe a hair late, Sir Paul joined the crowd with the big “Woooooo.” It was so cool because he looked just like everyone else having a good time and singing along. It wasn’t disingenuous nor did he stand up and make a big show of himself, it was just in the moment and spontaneous.

Okay, maybe I better wrap up this post and start with the bucket list.