“Little Fly” – Esperanza Spalding – “Chamber Music Society” (2010)

Jun 30
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There’s a good read (or listen) on NPR’s Planet Money today regarding the machinations of the pop music industry. If you’re a lover of music that originates from some human place deep inside of our chest or head, and not in our wallet, I’ve got to warn you, this piece is scary stuff. If you want to gain insight into what goes on behind the scenes before the latest chart topper ends up all over the radio, TV, in on-line music marketplaces, and everywhere else that one of your five senses can absorb it, this story featuring Rihanna will definitely be of interest.


Thoughts on The Grammys

Feb 15
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Awesome night for the little guy last night. Esperanza Spalding gets the big win in the Best New Artist category, and non-major label band Arcade Fire walks away with Album of the Year for “The Suburbs.” Looking ahead to next year’s show, you would think that Kanye West will probably grab a handful of nominations and a good chance at a couple of major wins. Radiohead is releasing a new album in five days. I’m sure it will be a good listen. Will it be Grammy worthy? Like most fans of the group, yours truly could care less.

A lot of the cool kid music set spend a lot of time scoffing at the Grammys. Most years, the thought of turning on the TV to watch the grandiose exercise in vanity never even crosses my mind but I was psyched for last night because of the collaborative acoustic set that I touched on in yesterday’s post. I mean I get that the whole thing smells of a pageant of lip sticker wearers in pig’s clothing when the musical void aka Katy Perry gets nom’d for a bunch of stuff but come on people, the show has a lot of good stuff to offer if you’re willing to give it a shot.

Here’s what I learned that I liked but wouldn’t otherwise have known about if I didn’t watch last night. The Dr. Dre song “I Need A Doctor” with collaboration from Eminem, and Skylar Grey was good stuff. Eminem made the whole thing agitated and angry, Grey got it all Evanescence-ish, and then Dre re-appeared all bassy and bad ass, the same as he’s always been.

The Grammys will always give the discerning music fan good reason to say “see, I told you so, it’s a beauty contest, but when the lights go back on, no one is that pretty, that tall, and oh yeah, no one can sing, play, or write a song to save their ass.” I say, turn the TV on in the background and your cynical side will get proven right several times but when you start to walk out of the room to grab another soda, your ear might perk up to something fun or interesting that you didn’t know before, and you’ll have something new for your play list.

“I Need A Doctor” – Dr. Dre (featuring Eminem & Skylar Grey) – 2011


Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise – The Avett Brothers – “I and Love and You” (2009)

Feb 14
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I would pay a big chunk of cash to attend a hootenanny comprised of players that were just in the Grammy acoustic music tribute. In case you missed it, the collaboration was made up of: Mumford and Sons, The Avett Brothers, and Bob Dylan. How much would I pay? Lots. I won’t pay lots to see big stadium playing mega-bands (U2). I’ll only pay medium amounts to see groups that I’m fanatical about (Muse, Arcase Fire, Brooks & Dunn). I’ll pay $20 a pop to see tons of bands that are still on their way up and taking nothing for granted (The Heavy, Bobby Long, The Kills). But, for top notch, for the love of the music players – the kind of guys that probably sit around and play day and night even if the only audience is themselves – I would pay top dollar. I’m going to need a little drinking money to stay in my pocket though because this hootenanny will need a few shot-and-a-beer rounds.