“Words Can Break Your Heart” – Don Henley – “Cass County” (2015)

Oct 7
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Where has this guy been anyways? All these years, not turning out new music on a regular basis, trying to be a family man, raising kids and stuff. When rock stars forget their duty to the fans to appease them with fresh product… it’s a beautiful thing, I think. When it happens, it happens, and what you get is probably more pure. But back to my question, where have you been Don Henley?

He is one of those artists, so well known, so recognizable but then when you don’t hear him all the time (except for early spring synched with the ubiquitous command of “let’s play ball”), you forget how deep his catalog goes. I got sidetracked from this lovely new album for a second and transported back to earlier phases of my life. There you are Don Henley. You never really left; maybe it was me who left but now I’m back.

Do yourself a favor, make it a double, put your feet up and listen to the whole album.


“On the Road Again” – Willie Nelson – “Honeysuckle Rose” (1980)

Sep 3
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This one fits on a couple of levels. First, we bought tickets earlier in the week to see Willie at the Puyallup Fair in a couple of weeks. He’s definitely staying busy as he is in the midst of a pretty extensive tour, especially for a 77 year old man who’s been gigging pretty steadily for about the last half century. I’m excited to see him and can roll it in with all of the other fair stuff that I like to do (look at animals especially the mama pig and her of little oinks that always seem to be on display, the hypnotist, jugglers) and eat (scones, burger, scones, BBQ, and more scones).

And, this song fits because I’m on the road. I’m on a long weekend to Utah with home base being Park City as myself and a little Dawg Pack are gradually ramping up our energy and enthusiasm for the University of Washington’s season opening game on Saturday against BYU.

Life is good!!! Do something fun or relaxing over the long Labor Day weekend.