“We Used to Wait” – Arcade Fire – “The Suburbs” (2010)

Sep 30
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I just got back from 21st century, new fangled hootenanny. If Arcade Fire is coming to your town, and your even the slightest bit of a fan, pay your $50, and go see them…. Miss them at your own risk.

This band brings unbounded energy, passion, enthusiasm, and originality. These guys and gals have to be one of the top five bands in the world.


“My Body Is a Cage” – Arcade Fire – “Neon Bible” (2007)

Sep 24
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I just found out two days ago that, through a little secret deal making at last Saturday’s tail gate, I am going to the Arcade Fire show at The Key this coming Wednesday. I showed personal financial restraint in not running out and buying tickets for this show when they went on sale about a month ago, so maybe I’m being rewarded for being a good boy.

I’ve had “Neon Bible” on repeat for the last couple of days. I had forgotten how much I like this album. It is definitely the middle child in the band’s catalog as “The Funeral” was such a huge landmark for this organic, indie band from Montreal. The much awaited third album, “The Suburbs” was released this summer and has gained rave reviews, and scale tipping amounts of radio play. “Neon Bible” has lots of somewhat lost, or never totally found gems.

I’m guessing that the set on Wednesday will include maybe only about five tracks off of “Neon Bible” and based on a couple of setlists that I found, it might be asking too much to get to hear this song live.

My body is a cage
We take what we’re given
Just because you’ve forgotten, that don’t mean you’re forgiven


“Yulia” – Wolf Parade -“Expo 86” (2010)

Aug 25
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I often rely on the easy way out when describing various musical artists, and fall back on the “these guys who you might not be too familiar with, sound like these other guys who you do know, or who I know and like.” Kind of like this:

“If you took the macerated remains of Extreme, hired Chad Kroeger as a voice coach, then held a casting call for a band to co-headline with Hinder in 3,000 seat venues you might get the Sick Puppies.”

That sort of works to give people some bench marks to measure a band by, but it’s still mostly lazy, and I’m sure it’s insulting to a lot of the subjects. So for today’s band, I will refrain from drawing comparisons. Even better, I’ll do the opposite.

Wolf Parade sound nothing like three of my favorite bands from their hometown of Montreal. Those bands are: 80’s rock radio mainstays April Wine (I had true love for those guys when I was a kid, and credit them with inspiring my finest air guitar moments), The Dears, and or course, Arcade Fire. Wolf Parade does sound like some other really good bands, but I’ll let you come up with their likenesses.