“What Becomes of the Brokenhearted” – Jimmy Ruffin – “Jimmy Ruffin Sings Top Ten (1966)

Sep 16
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Will there ever be a stronger music brand than Motown? The depth of the catalog and roster is staggering. I know that jazz is considered an original art form but the Motown sound doesn’t really succinctly fit into the jazz music tree. Motown, specifically the Motown of the 60’s and early 70’s was more like an original American recipe, or a cookbook. It’s comfort food for sure. That might sound like it’s not lofty enough but I’m not talking just any old comfort food, I’m talking the kind that you get from mom when you come home for winter break from college.

Of all of those great Motown songs, this Jimmy Ruffin classic has always been right up there for me. It’s bluesy, sounds like it is being sung about a specific person or maybe to the entirety of the uncaring universe (take your pick), Ruffin’s rich voice, the harmonizing backing vocal, and The Funk Brothers supplying the melody. Motown perfection!!!


“I Wish It Would Rain” – The Temptations – “Wish It Would Rain” (1968)

Dec 3
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Is there hardly even a doubt that the Motown Sound was the purest, most exemplary genre of pop music of all time? I feel that I’m asking this question from an unbiased position.

Motown wasn’t exactly the coming of age music that I grew up on. There was definitely Motown sprinkled into the records that I bought as a kid, and the radio that I listened to, but it wasn’t my top choice. The same thing goes for me today. Besides the massive 202 song collection of Motown songs that I downloaded to my Zune a week ago, I’ve only got another 40 or 50 songs by Motown artists on my machine. I predominantly listen to what you see on this blog. That consists of rock music with folk elements, indie bands with a smidge of pop interspersed in their sound, singer songwriters short on pretense, hip hop with local flavor and/or a lack of product plugs, old school soul and R & B, etc. But through it all, through all of the music that I like and love and feel that is worthy of owning a day on this blog, the Motown stuff always shocks me with the talent of the artists, and how pure the songs are. Motown is timeless and to me will always be the bench mark by which American pop music is measured.