“Stuck Like Glue” – Sugarland – “The Incredible Machine” (2010)

Oct 8
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Okay, before I took a full on header, and caved to all of this “new country” craziness, I did actually have some Sugarland on my Zune. I was a certified “new country” hater. I always said to myself, and everyone pretending to listen, “if I want to listen to light rock, I’ll listen to the Top 40 channel that thinks their edgy”, “if I want to listen to sentimental, little narrative ditties, I’ll listen to The Boss.” I’m done with all of that. It’s a fairly cavernous hole that I fell in to.

I love this song. I came home and walked around and thought up every bad thing that could happen just so that I could say “what if I accidentally put my cat in the dishwasher and pushed play? wuh oh, wuh oh.”

Listen to good music this weekend, everybody. And if you cave to something vain, cheap, and cheesy, don’t hide it. Play it loud and proud. I’m nor talking about Sugarland, I’m talking about you.


“Ain’t Nothing ‘Bout You” – Brooks & Dunn – “Steers & Stripes” (2001)

Sep 26
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Considering that I once was an avowed hater… okay, maybe hater is too strong. Let’s try that again.

Considering that I was once was an avowed disliker (that’s not even a word but it still imparts the proper jist) of country music, I was rather proud/shocked at myself the other day when I picked out this song during an office round of Name That Tune.

My co-worker, who is an avowed liker of country music had a snippet of this song as a ring tone, but she didn’t know what the song was, or who it was by. I knew who it was by. It’s not the most astonishing feat in musical pop quiz history, but for me, a guy whose knowledge of country music stars started with Johnny Cash and abruptly stopped with Patsy Cline until about three years ago, it was a personal milestone to be able to identify this Kix and Ronnie ditty.