Two fer Tuesday

Feb 18
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Here’s what I did last night while I was supposed to be posting new music – I laid down on the couch after a delicious dinner of fish tacos and Miller High Life, buried myself under four blankets, and “no way… the best movie ever”… “pop quiz Jack.” Just a few minutes to digest, watch Ted, I mean Jack, save the hostages and then I will… or won’t work on the blog.

So here’s some new music that I’ve been thinking about and wanted to post last night. I can’t wait for the Imagine/Little Dragons tour.

“Klapp Klapp” – Little Dragon – “Nabuma Rubberband (2014)

I woke up just in time to see Keanu and Sandy sliding across the tarmac on an over sized cookie sheet. I wonder what I missed in between.


So I’m going to start gettin’ all invasive and prying into the inner sanctity of peoples’ iLibraries and other deep crevices where they stash their musical treasures and dirty little secrets. I’m truly, disturbingly interested in what people listen to and like or hate in their music. I don’t give a frick what Billboard tells me people listen to. I’ve seen all of the concert pics of my friends on FB. I want to know the real stuff. Kind of like how Spin used to interview famous people about the music that shaped their lives, what comes through their earbuds at the gym, what is in their library that alphabetically follows Radiohead. But on a personal level , I don’t really care what Anna Faris or Aaron Paul (because I don’t know them personally the way that I might know you) listen to. I want to know what the real people listen to – the people who I am friends with, related to, or maybe not friends with (just acquaintances or friends of friends). I often have the urge to ask random people standing at the bus stop or walking down the street what they are listening to. I’m scared though. One of three things is going to happen: I’m going to get hit with “piss off homeless guy,” end up wearing pepper spray, or some 50 year old businessman is going to say “duh, what else, Katy Perry.”

So, if you read all of that, and I know you and how to get a hold of you, just a word of caution that I might be hitting you up with a little personalized music questionnaire. The questions will be so well thought out that I’m guessing some of my friends may reply with 1,000 word essays for answers. Like this one: “do you think that the early innovators that helped spawn the Industrial Age would have had second thoughts if they could have foreseen Motörhead?” (We need to make sure that Lemmy doesn’t put any flux capacitors in his Amazon shopping cart.) But, I won’t want my respondents to feel like it’s a five hour chore to answers my deeply profound questions so I’ll throw in a few softballs too, such as: “What chess piece do you think best symbolizes the Bieber?” Avoiding eye contact won’t get it done, if you see me coming with my notebook, you’re done.

Just kidding Lemmy… you know… just little jokes, brother… no need to fly on up here and kick my ass.

“Given to Fly” – Pearl Jam – “Yield” (1998)


“Greens and Blues” – Pixies – “EP2” (2014)

Feb 10
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Nobody’s going to believe that I just randomly arrived at this song considering where I have been for the last week. I haven’t really been anywhere, I just haven’t been here blogging. Where I have been, at least for the first couple of days, was rejoicing in my hometown Seahawks winning Seattle’s first major professional sports championship in 35 years. It’s exhausting following, fretting, analyzing, agonizing, cheering, jumping up and down (“easy there big fella” said my surgically Achilles to the rest of me), screaming your head off, running through the streets like a crazy person, attending a parade (and freezing our collective “12th Man” ass off), and finally exhaling as our all for your team as they won it all. It’s a true social phenomena and a testament to the power of civic pride how an event that truly doesn’t contribute to my tangible well being can mean so much to me (and a whole bunch of other people). At the end of the day though, specifically the days of last week, it truly is exhausting and I slept so hard every night. I’m sure it had something to do with the fact that there were probably about four days in the two week period leading up to last week that I tossed and turned and got up at 3 or 4 AM because I couldn’t stop thinking about a couple of big football games. Like I said, it’s kind of wild how much I care about that team and the whole process. It was time and energy well spent though and I wouldn’t trade that whole roller coaster ride for anything.

So like I was saying, no one’s going to believe that I just randomly picked a song titled “Greens and Blues” to fire the blog back up to. I swear on my precious Percy Harvin jersey though, it is a true coincidence. This is definitely not background music. It is awesome new stuff from the Pixies and, hey, it even fits for “New Music Monday.”


New Music: “Love Is A Minor Key” – Ed Harcourt – “Time of Dust” (2013)

Jan 13
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I listened to this EP from 1-6, hit rewind, and listened again. Very nice! The record kind of matches a slightly brooding, semi-sweet, kind of off kilter birthday. For starters, this day marks the countdown to a milestone b-day, so I’ve got that going for or against me. And then, I conserved energy, ate a spartan breakfast and showed up in the dentist’s chair for oral surgery. Good times. You better make sure that I don’t get put in charge of your big celebrations. The whole day was saved though as I chowed down (with the right side of my mouth) on two of my favorite things in the whole world: sushi and coconut cream pie. I followed that up with my 9 PM pain med and Ed Harcourt. Hey man, things could be a hell of a lot worse.


“John Doe” (feat. Priscilla Renea) – B.o.B. – “Underground Luxury” (2013)

Jan 6
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I’ve designated Mondays as new music day in my revamped 2014 Play On Daily schedule. At some point I’ll probably have to define “new” because eventually there will be something that’s a few months old that I really want to post and technically isn’t really new anymore. But, I guess “Underground Luxury” will pass the fresh as a daisy smell test since it’s only been in circulation for a couple of weeks.

Damn, B.o.B has a foul mouth. I heard that he’s been looking for a supporting role in his buddy Bruno Mars’s Super Bowl gig. Not sure if that’s set to happen or not but it’s the ten year anniversary of the “wardrobe malfunction” so the NFL is liable to have the halftime entertainment on as heightened of a security lock down as the parking lots.

I don’t have a ton to say about the new B.o.B record which isn’t good or bad. In all honesty, it was kind of a last minute alternate because I was all set to check out the new Nacho Picasso which doesn’t come out until tomorrow.


“Adeline” – Sarah Jaffe – “Even Born Again” (2011)

May 23
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For a mid size city, Denton, Texas has produced some very prominent and notable musicians. There’s this dude named Don Henley, some cat named Roy Orbison, a big oaf who answers to Meatloaf, Neon Indian, you’re probably guessing by now, Sarah Jaffe is from this North Texas town.

But why, Sarah Jaffe? What makes you venture into this corner of the US of A and decide to skirt Seattle. You’re going to deprive of us of a nice little set at The Tractor, or Neumo’s? Was it something that we did or didn’t say? Oh, I get it, you’re just acting all coy, but you’re headed back around Labor Day. Is that it? It’s nice in Seattle at that time of year.


“Make Some Noise” – The Beastie Boys – “Hot Sauce Committee Part 2” (2011)

May 18
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I was getting ready to make some smugly comment about these guys getting old, when I decided to check the IDs which revealed that these guys aren’t even old yet. I’m sure that some listeners might think there’s a little less hip in their hop these days but when you think about how many years ago that it was that they told us about our party rights, I just expected then to be 50ish. The new stuff? Peppered with random horns, echoes, Rasta, retro funk, scratch and synth, Nas, and a “Lisa Lisa” titled snippet to finish things off. It sounds like one of those Friday nights when your bar bill looks like a seven course meal which you can’t remember, but can’t wait to do again.


“Take Another Look” – The Cars – “Move Like This” (2011)

May 14
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Is there any way to say that a band sounds mechanical and dated without making it sound like an insult. Ric Ocasek’s phrasing has always been so precise and his voice has an almost synthetic quality that should come off as bland or sterile but instead plays as distinctive, familiar trademark that leaves the listener no doubt that “yup, that’s The Cars.”

24 years, now that’s what ya’ call a hiatus. Minus co-founding member and front man Benjamin Orr who passed away in 2000 due to pancreatic cancer, The Cars are back with a new album and tour to support it. I like the fact that they put in the work and created new material, unlike other headlining acts, asking $70+ a pop for a concert ticket which only gets you a trip down memory lane. The Cars to me, although always appealing and undeniably iconic in their prime, were this ubiquitous band that made songs that helped you get up and going in the morning but might not be at the top of the play list when it’s time to get the party notched up. They’re back though, and for that I’m glad because who wants to ride their rocking chair into the sunset, when there are tons of people out there wanting to show some love and money to a band that a lot of us grew up on.


“Walking Through The Door” – Future Islands – “In Evening Air” (2010)

Dec 2
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Wow, just Wow!!!

This is one heck of a beautiful pop song. It feels like it’s the beginning of a third act. Multiple suitors are still in play. The protagonist is getting more than second glances from the one causing angst. Everything and everyone is in motion, seemingly spinning out of control. When the room stops spinning, who’ll be standing, and whose head will the piano fall on? Do we ever really know how these things will turn out? The best that we can hope for is to be one of those swirling pieces, and not some stationary pile of matter that can’t stomach the highs and lows that life brings us.

Is this a third act of a multiplex flick, or art house indie? Don’t know but I’m hoping for big things and a sequel or two from Future Islands.