In the latest edition of the ESPN Mag, Kelly Slater lists the Top 20 songs that he packs up and takes to the beach with him. It’s an interesting list.

Numero uno is Piers Faccini’s “If I.” “Think of You” by Carney, “Like The Last Time” by Matt Wertz, and “Better Be Home Soon” by Crowded House make appearances. Songs that have been posted on Play On Daily include: “Son’s Gonna Rise” by Citizen Cope, and “This Might Be the Place (Naive Melody)” by Talking Heads.

You know what is a good beach song? “The River of Dreams” by Billy Joel.

Yeah, I’m sure that the buffed and bronze set that Slater hangs with aren’t going to be cranking this up any time soon, but trust me, it really works at the beach. The water references in the lyrics aren’t really relevant, but there’s something about the lead-in and the heavy base line that make it sound like it’s calling to you from far away. On a personal level, it’s also one of those songs that I tend to associate with a certain time and place and it just so happens that I was chillin’ with a few friends, and several six packs on Maui one day, the year that this came out, and the boom box that we brought along with us, made this song sound really good on a mostly deserted beach.

“The River of Dreams” – Billy Joel – “The River of Dreams” (1993)