“Do It Again” – Camera Obscura – “Desire Lines” (2013)

Jan 23
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This Glasgow band has a pretty healthy catalog which I’ve barely even touched. That’s about to change.


“Spitting Games” – Snow Patrol – “Final Straw” (2004)

Oct 17
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This has nothing to do with today’s song – which I heard a snippet of as Sunday Night Football went to commercial – but, who would win in a fight between Kimbo Slice and Groundskeeper Willie.

Straight from the backyard… KIMBO SLICEEEEEEE

Hailing from Springfield… WILLIAM “The Groundskeeper” MacDOUUUUUUGALLLLLL

Back to the music, this is one of my top three Snow Patrol songs off of what was their breakthrough and a really fantastic album from start to finish.