“Exploder” – Audioslave – “Audioslave” (2002)

Apr 30
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Another great show last night by The Head and the Heart. That makes three times that I’ve seen those guys and gal in the last six months. They are evolving, and not. I say not because they had so much stage presence and cohesiveness from the get-go that they haven’t really had to make many strides in order to improve. They rely on zero distortion so it partially comes with the foundation of their overall sound, but I love that they don’t overdo the volume (whoa, that was an old guy comment). Most of their songs involve a bass line, one acoustic guitar, sublime piano parts, stripped down drums, tambourine, some violin, and loads of harmonizing vocals. The comfort level and authenticity that they exude makes it look like they’re just hanging out in somebody’s living room, jamming out. I love ’em and feel really luck to have seen them three times in small venues. The concert halls that they play in are going to get bigger and bigger and it’ll be nice to be able to fall back on the memories of The Head and the Heart in their formative years.

Lots of good shows in Seattle this weekend but I’m heading out, so I won’t be partaking in any more of them. The Head and the Heart moves to The Moore tonight for round two, The Felice Brothers are at The Tractor tonight, and some guy named Chris Cornell is at The Moore tomorrow. Cornell is playing songs from throughout his sound book which means: Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, solo stuff, and Audioslave. At the top of my wish list if I was lucky enough to go the show would be my favorite Soundgarden song (“Blow Up The Outside World”), Temple of the Dog tunes, “Rusty Cage”, and a few of the lesser known Audioslave songs such as “Getaway Car” and “Exploder.” Tom Morello rubbed his DNA all over “Exploder” with one of his crazy, powerful, industrial strength hooks but I’m sure it would sound good tomorrow assuming that Mr. Morello won’t be playing alongside Cornell.


“Heaven Go Easy on Me” The Head and the Heart – “The Head and the Heart” (2010)

Apr 28
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A big day, tomorrow is. I’m going to see The Head and the Heart for the third time, and the UK gets a new queen-in-waiting. What to make of all of this royal wedding stuff? The latest polls show that our Brit friends by and large aren’t all that interested, or so they say. Something like 73% of those polled said something between “well of course, who doesn’t enjoy fish and chips being paired in perfect harmony on Fridays” to “Bloody hell, they should just bugger off to a rent-a-chapel in Vegas.”

Personally, although I won’t be getting up at four in the morning to watch, I think the whole thing is pretty cool. My sources (Wikipedia and TMZ) haven’t told me anything to make me believe that they’re not nice people. I’m going to guess that a sizable faction of the “indifferent” or “give me a break” people who were polled are people who like to judge, hate, and/or wish that they were the one getting all of the attention tomorrow. It is a little over the top, obviously but this is one of those big moments that a lot of people live for. We go around doing our day to day, taking care of business, trying to stay healthy, happy, and wise (that’s called life), and do all of this in between the grand fireworks finales, and grim last good byes that are the peaks and valleys that “life” leads us towards. For all of the royal wedding eye rollers, think for a second what life would look like if we took out all of the big stuff and just lived in the flat lands that take up the majority of our time. At some point we wouldn’t even realize that we are alive anymore.

Soak it all in tomorrow night. Raise a toast to the royals or dent each others PBR cans at The Head and the Heart. Just find something to be happy about.


It Was A Good Year

Dec 31
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I agree with a lot of the bloggers, DJs, music critics, and columnists as to who is deserving of recognition for “Best of ’10.” I’m infatuated with, crushing on, or like as much as a pulled pork sandwich: Beach House, The Black Keys, Kid Cudi, Arcade Fire, Deerhunter, and Gorillaz to name a few. I’ve gotten a lot of plays out of the work that all of these acts have put out this year, and thank them for entertaining me.

However, the band and album that I loved more than all others this year was, The Head and the Heart. I loved everything about the folksy, hopeful, thankful tone of this band and the way that they work together live. They look like the love every second of their time together on stage and they work in blissful harmony. I’m confident that their music will continue to be original and soulful, but I’m excited that they will soon be known by a much larger section of people and will get to reap the benefits that their art brings them.

And surely you’ll buy your pint cup !
and surely I’ll buy mine !
And we’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.

Happy New year everyone!!! I remember when I was a little kid and would get to stand on my grandma’s front porch and pound on pots and pans while grandma played “The Sidewalks of New York” on her harmonica. New Year’s Eve is almost always a good time but those little kid ones were the best.

“Lost In My Mind” – The Head and the Heart – “The Head and the Heart” (2010)


“Down In The Valley” – The Head and the Herart – “The Head and the Heart” (2010)

Oct 20
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I’m pretty excited about this band’s show tomorrow night at The Crocodile as part of the inaugural City Arts Festival. I bought tickets to this show way back in August and was originally attracted to it by opening act Lucy Schwartz. The Head and the Heart will be the middle act with the show culminating with a set from The Weepies but considering the heaping amounts of buzz that they’re getting, The Head and the Heart are the main attraction.

If I could hand pick a couple bands to play alternating sets for me and a bunch of my friends at a local pub, I’d have The Head and the Heart, and The Felice Brothers. We would hang out at Murphy’s, tap a keg of Roslyn Dark Lager, and put our feet up for the night.


“Joe Metro” – Blue Scholars – “Bayani Redux” (2009)

Sep 10
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I missed Bumbershoot this year due in large part to the fact that I felt the need to follow my favorite college football team deep into Mormon country in order to witness yet another tough loss. However, I’m trying to make up for lost opportunities by catching a few shows in the early fall.

Blue Scholars heads a a show featuring local hip hop artists at the inaugural City Arts Fest in mid-October. If I can manage a couple of tickets, that show would cap off a perfectly blended trio of shows starting with Willie Nelson and sandwiching The Weepies and Lucy Schwartz.

“Cinema art rap” is one of the ways that the Iranian DJ and Filipino rapper – and are Blue Scholars – self describe their body of work.


“He that can have patience, can have what he will” – Benjamin Franklin

Aug 19
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A bagel, cup of coffee, departed 9:30 and 11:05 flights to Dallas all came and went and we still sat at SeaTac gate A8. We had access to Cousin Buddy Pass’s super secret insider access and would re-group after each plane left the gate to check our status. After the revenue standbys, our positions were locked in at about 10th and 14th n the Non Rev list. Things weren’t very promising for the 12:30 and 2:20 flights as they were both overbooked by a couple passengers not counting the wait listers all positioned ahead of us.

The all business gate agent warmed up as the day progressed and gave us hope saying that she was sure that we would get on the 5:20 flight meaning that we would hang in Big D for a quick sleep, say hi and bye to Cousin Buddy Pass, and be off to SC. We checked the list on line, saw that there were 15 open seats on the 5:20, still saw ourselves occupying spots 10 and 14 on the list and went to grab lunch (pre-packed, run of the mill sushi better than expected… Qdoba, not a hint of pesto in the pesto burrito, nor lime on the lime flavored chips.)

More lounging ensued, beer contemplation; bonding with a 7 AM Non Rev Standby for whom we checked status, exchanged numbers, and promised to call as she went home to be with her grandkids. The 3:20 PM prepared to board and we checked in with the gate agent just to get a refresher. “No problem, you’ll be on the 5:20”, she said. We wrote down the names called to the podium and checked those names against the standby lists on line to see if we moved up the lists. What we found didn’t bode well. Not only had none of the called names been standbys but more names were ahead of us on the list as D1s somehow had bumped Trudy down, and D1-3s had submerged moi. We were now 13 and 17 on the list making the chances of both of us getting on the 5:20 sketchy at best. When we looked at the overall numbers for the 5:20 is when we really started questioning our chances of making it out in time to get to the wedding the next day.

The 5:20 that had 15 empty seats when last checked an hour ago, now was overbooked by two plus there were all of the standbys to wade through. How could that be? We asked the agent who seemed genuinely surprised and guessed that the airline had sold the extra seats to another carrier. At this point, we were just a touch out of sorts, but I’m not exaggerating when I say “just a touch.” I mean what were we going to do about it, except have a little tizzy and turn into a couple of those travelers who everyone else just shakes their head at. Now what?

So, we get to Charleston a day late (at best) and miss the wedding. Not to appealing, We could skip Charleston, make two other standbys happy, de-list ourselves, and buy tickets to Atlanta. Kind of spendy and we would have to un-wind all of our reservations. Both of those options were Plan A Version 2. How about Plan B? What about booking a last minute Alaskan cruise? We’d heard that you can book last minute and get screamin’ deals. We checked, the price was right, and we would have gone, but it wouldn’t get us back in town for our niece’s wedding the following weekend. How about San Diego, San Fran, Chicago, any place that is a major hub and that we could get to – on our dime, and not this standby crap – by the next day. Nothing jumped out. How about Kauai? One of our favorite places, extremely directionally challenged when our original destination was the Deep South, but how ‘bout it? Air fare isn’t too bad. Let’s do it. Hey, but what about our checked bags. The gate attendant said that they were still here… she was wrong, our bags are at cruising altitude heading for the east coast. Screw it, we’re going to Kauai, and we’ll figure out what to wear later.

We jumped on the train, hopped on the bus, got greeted by the pets and house sitter, got on the computer, found a car and condo in Kauai, went for dinner and drinks, checked in on football practice at the alma mater (Go Dawgs!!!) the next morning, a quick stop at REI to get a couple things that were in our luggage, reversed course on previously mentioned bus and train, went to the gate, and approximately 33 hours later were finally on a plane leaving a gate at SeaTac airport.

And now, the smoothing sounds of one of the Seattle area’s hottest bands.

“White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes – “Fleet Foxes” (2008)


“Pink Corvette” – Charity Stripe – “Pink Corvette” EP (2010)

Jul 31
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I love the sports reference band name. I’ve got a couple of catchy sports references that I’ll eventually be naming something after. However, since I’m never going to start a band (hmmm, but what about a Rock Band band) it’ll probably be a pet, blog, car, or medical condition that I will be naming. I’m not going to say what my name ideas are because they are so incredibly witty that I’m sure that someone will steal them and turn them into tens or maybe even hundreds of dollars. Okay, here’s one that I’ll reveal. Do with it what you may. Are you ready? Deep Snapper.

Charity Stripe’s list of musical influences is also super cool. They include: The Posies, Hall and Oates, The Smiths, Nada Surf, The Pernice Brothers, and Starflyer 59. Go to the band’s My Space page and check out this song, plus a couple more.


“Blow Up The Outside World” – Soundgarden – “Down on the Updside” (1996)

Jan 5
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By the time the Soundgarden reunion comes to fruition later this year with a new album and/or tour, I have a feeling that the excitement that I’m currently feeling will wane somewhat. Kind of like, when The Police and The Pixies reunited. Actually, I was never really excited about The Police coming back.

This is my clear # 1 all time favorite Soundgarden song. And, Kim Thayil is one of my all time fave guitarists. Hmmm, maybe my excitement will have staying power.

Soundgarden’s Back!!!

I’ve givin’ everything I need
I’d give you everything I own
I’d give in if it could at least be ours alone
I’ve given everything I could
To blow it to hell and gone
Burrow down in and
Blow up the Outisde.
Blow up the outside world