It went peacefully, leaving this world surrounded by friends, family, and all of those bastards standing over their in the corner downloading the new Kings of Leon album. The Walkman was selfless and gave eternally (or until your batteries died), as it blessed the world with a personal cone of music while relieving millions of boombox induced back aches. Walkman is survived by its rather rotund next of kin, Discman.

I’ve been trying to think of the perfect early 80’s song that would epitomize the type of song that was ringing in my ears during my teenage years. I thought of some good/bad choices. “Wait” by White Lion, “Big City Nights” by The Scorpions, “Beat It”, but the song that I think I listened to the most was a hair band classic from Joe Elliott and his mates from Sheffield, England.

“Photograph” – Def Leppard – “Pyromania” (1983)

Long live Walkman!!!