“Vocab” – Fugees – “Blunted on Reality” (1994)

Mar 14
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Comment-free Monday


“Invisible” – Alison Moyet – “Alf” (1983)

Mar 13
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I was listening to a Start Making Sense with Jenny Beth playlist tonight and somehow my mind transported to a summer spent at Alki over 30 years ago which included a lot of “Alf” on the boom box. I know, weird. I don’t think that boom boxes were invented to play Alison Moyet but we didn’t exactly have the cool kids operator’s manual.

I was walking across campus last week and heard somebody blasting some hip hop on a phone or external speakers or something. Two minutes later, a guy walked by blasting Journey’s “Only The Young.” Are miniture boom boxes/music-for-all-to-hear devices making a comeback? If so, it’s going to be interesting to see how people react in public since we’ve all been members of the earbud tribe seemingly forever.


“The Sounds of Science” – Beastie Boys – “Paul’s Boutique” (1989)

Mar 10

An oldie, and underappreciated Beastie gem.



“Cancer” – My Chemical Romance – “The Black Parade” (2006)

Mar 9
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Hmmm, I was torn. Should I post the original or the Twenty One Pilots cover? The original got the nod when I checked the schedule and remembered my “Cover Fridays” rule. In case your a fan, and missed it, here’s a cool story about the ten year anniversary of “The Black Parade” that was posted in NPR’s Music News last fall.

Edit: So just a slight bit of coincidence but I took a glance at my FB TL just as I was finishing this post up and my friend Kevin had posted a “re-post if you or a friend has been affected by cancer” post. Of course, I have; my mom has been gone almost exactly 13 1/2 years because of it. The line “‘Cause the hardest part of this is leaving you” came out of my mom’s mouth almost verbatim a few times in the last months. She was talking about all of us but she was really worried about my little sister who was pretty young at the time.

I think about mom pretty often but not from a place of sadness because I feel her throughout my day on a regular basis and she is always with me. But it’s kind of weird, this is all kind of weird: the thought I had about her when I woke up this morning, Kevin’s post, this song (which just popped up on a playlist yesterday and I added to my queue). When I thought of her this morning, it kind of hit me that I’ll be graduating in almost exactly two months, and she won’t be sitting in the building watching. But like everything else, sadness is temporary and no match for the eternal positivity and warmth of mom. Onward!


“Plucky” – Morly – “Something More Holy” EP (2016)

Mar 8
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You’ll be seeing a few emerging gems from Minneapolis in this space over the next week or so. It’s kind of not really a coincidence. It’s all about being intentional and trying to find the best possible college radio. Yes, that is a resounding vote for KUOM aka Radio K courtesy of the University of Minnesota. It’s great! In my opinion, the best non-commercial radio in the country is KEXP, Radio K, and WXPN out of the University of Pennsylvania.

Enjoy Morly and then go find a college station that fits you and be ready to get your mind blown with some stuff that everyone hasn’t heard yet.


“Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” – Willie Nelson – “Red Headed Stranger” (1974)

Mar 7
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Everything about this record is timeless. Except that if it had been made about 40 years later, it would been called something like Mysterious Ginger Man.


“Blood in the Cut” – K. Flay – Crush Me- EP (2016)

Mar 6
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The unplayed pile of music that I’ll be decorating this space with over the coming weeks and months includes tons of female artists. No reason; I don’t think. But they kick ass.

I’m going with two versions of Ms. Flay’s latest. I was torn here because Life as a Dog is a killer record and my MO is to kind of go back and unbury treasures and b-sides but I love this song so here we are.


“Lover, You Should’ve Come Over” – Jeff Buckley – “Grace” (1994)

Mar 5
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My poor little, neglected, seemingly forgotten pile of music and thoughts. A friend asked me if I had any requests today, and I said “do you guys know Elbow?” And as that friend and another said “no,” I kind of involuntarily said “I have a blog where I post a lot of music that I…” I have a blog. Wow, I have a blog. I had literally, almost forgotten the thing like a pair of Locals that gets left half buried in the sand after a day at the beach.

My challenge had originally been daily. Play On Daily! I told my friends today that I had posted about 900 songs/posts. Dashboard says: 1,198. So here’s 1,199. I hadn’t totally forgotten this space because I found a playlist with about 20 songs and a sticky note with a few dozen more ideas. Where to begin? Just pick something and leave lots of notes all over the house to make it two in a row tomorrow.

You haven’t heard this one lately? Ever? EVER, never ever? If our man hadn’t decided to go for that midnight swim… ever? It starts good but truly devote the next six minutes – even better, the live version runs eight minutes – of your life to it and it just keeps gettin’ better. Commit!

See you tomorrow.


“FourFiveSeconds” – Rihanna and Kanye West and Paul McCartney (2015)

Apr 28
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I’m still working on that Prince post. In the meantime, I scan the contours of my personal, music judginess and wonder who will – if ever – be the next Prince. No claims that any of these three superstars are/were but lots of fans could make an argument emphatically for or against.

I draws a metaphor between Prince and the rare, superhuman, five-tool baseball player: hit for average (the ball finds some fairway 1/3 of the time), hit for power (like King Kong), run (envision Usain Bolt counterclockwise in 90-foot increments), throw (laser guided missiles), glove (hands of a surgeon). Musically five-tooled: write (Leon Russell, Dan Wilson of Semisonic wrote some stuff for the Dixie Chicks and Adele), sing (pick one… how about Sam Smith), dance (da kine Peter Hernandez), shred (Muse’s Bellamy, Gary Clark Jr.), persona/aura/image (lots of frauds here, IMO).

So yeah, can Sam Smith shred like that? Can Bellamy dance like that? Can Wilson be mysterious like that?


“One of Us” – Prince – “Emancipation” (1996)

Apr 22

I’ve got so much more to say about this cat. I’ll get to that in the next couple days. In the meantime: a binge.