“The Hand That Feeds” – Nine Inch Nails – “With Teeth” (2005)

Feb 16
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Do it. Somebody be brave and just fucking do it. We’ll have your backs. It’ll feel so good. To be a man or woman of the people would give you that feeling that you may have dreamed of when you first got into this game. Nobody’s stopping you. Do it.

Just how deep do you believe?
Will you bite the hand that feeds?
Will you chew until it bleeds?
Can you get up off your knees?
Are you brave enough to see?
Do you want to change it?


“These Days” – Foo Fighters – “Wasting Light” (2011)

Feb 15
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“Don’t say it’s alright
Don’t say it’s alright
Don’t say it’s alright”

You do your best everyday. And then, you try to do it a little better the next day. Nothing is easy but if it is, maybe you’ve got it mastered and need to move onto something else. Or, maybe you’re not doing it right and need to turn up the resistance.


“BagBak” – Vince Staples – “Big Fish Theory” (2017)

Feb 11
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“Warmth” – Bastille – “Wild World” (2016)

Feb 9
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Something quick because it’s late and I’m cold. It’s one of our primary goals. We need to stay warm and dry. There are definitely bad asses in our ranks who can do without one, the other, or both for long spells of time but for most of us, warm and dry are favorablbe conditions.


“Train In Vain” – Annie Lennox – “Medusa” (1995)

Feb 8
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In honor of International Clash Day, I present Annie Lennox. What is it about Clash songs that makes them such great cover material for female artists? One of my favorite covers ever, not just Clash songs, any song, is: Lily Allen’s version of “Straight to Hell.”


“When I Was Dying” – Dan Deacon – “Gliss Riffer” (2015)

Feb 7
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Tight and busy. This is a 4 minute, 19 second controlled fall; it’s the kind you take not giving a damn. You know that you’re drunk or caving to peers but you’re still going to run down hill and end up with gravel embedded in your palms and maybe front teeth but it’ll all be wort it.


“What They Do” – The Roots (feat. Raphael Saadiq) – Illadelph Halflife (1996)

Feb 6
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One from the legendary Roots Crew. How much fun do you think it’s been in Philly for the last 24 hours? Givin’ new dimensions to lit? I hope all of those fans can savor and soak up all of the moments possible. Not that it won’t happen again but the first one will always be the best one so they’ll never really get that feeling again.


“Baby Luv” – Nilüfer Yanya – Single (2017)

Feb 4
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I would plunk down a whole bunch of hard earned money for a double bill of Mitski and Nilüfer Yanya. I’m gonna be honest, I just discovered Yanya today in one of Jehnny Beth’s masterful playlists but I’m hooked. I love her voice so much. There’s some husk and grit under the sweet tones that keep it real. It’s complex and unique

The Mitski and Yanya Globalist Girl Tour.


“Square One” – Moss Kena – “Found You In 06 – EP” (2018)

Feb 3
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I had a conversation this week with a young friend that eventually brought me to ask him: how do you define art? The kid had a pretty low bar to clear, since I would have answered with no more than a stumbling serious of “ummms” if my teenage self had been asked that question, but he flew over it and did a couple of back flips for show in the process.

“It’s what you put out there… your version of reality in words that only you would phrase that way… your perspective, your perception of the world – your world.” Art is everywhere and bedevils the creator, often vulnerable, who may need to just create it to document struggles or triumphs, as vanity, a grand act of sharing and contributing to humanity, or to make a living by adding to powder room decor.

I shouldn’t listen to musical artists to try and categorize the purpose for their art (and I usually don’t) but the proof (for me) usually lies in my judgement that the aesthetic gives a quick peak at the artist’s soul. You have to be discerning to pick out what’s real, and you may never get confirmation that you were right.


“Life During Wartime” – Talking Heads – “Fear of Music” (1979)

Feb 2
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You make me shiver, I feel so tender,
We make a pretty good team
Don’t get exhausted, I’ll do some driving,
You ought to get some sleep
Get you instructions, follow directions,
Then you should change your address
Maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day,
Whatever you think is best
Burned all my notebooks, what good are notebooks?
They won’t help me survive
My chest is aching, burns like a furnace,
The burning keeps me alive
Try to stay healthy, physical fitness,
Don’t want to catch no disease
Try to be careful, don’t take no chances,
You better watch what you say