They’re kind of like Cake without the trumpet.

They’re Barenaked Ladies if BNL had decided to name themselves The Prime Ministers of Canada.

They’re Lonely Island without a Boat, Cupcakes, and SNL.

This weekend, one of Seattle’s favorite, good time bands are playing their unique brand of garage pop in the Showbox at The Market. The Presidents came into being at a key time in Seattle’s rock and roll history. It was the mid-90’s. The grunge scene was in full effect with the big four of: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains creating the sound and genre that Seattle would become known for. The Presidents stepped in and created this light, irreverent brand of post-grunge wackiness. I remember being at a Sonics-Bulls game and watching Dennis Rodman paying absolutely zero attention to his coach during a time out called to quell a Sonics run. Mr. Rodman was too busy checking out the Sonics cheerleaders getting down to “Lump.” I thought to myself that there’s absolutely no chance that any other NBA arena music master has “Lump” on his play list.

I really hope they play “More Bad Times” tonight. The bad times are good times to drink a PBR tall boy. I’m thinking that three of those will do me just about right.

you never lost contact you never leaked oil
you never drank cleanser you never ate foil
you never got hurt by sticks and stones
you never choked on any big chicken bones
you never got mauled by a mad baboon
you never lost all the air in your balloon
you never got poked in the eye with a spork
you never got sick from all that left over pork